Conduit- Jesus Loves Crisco

Running by Monell’s this week; and I mean literally running in that I was on mile 4 of my 7 mile run, I sensed the smells and excitement that can only come from sitting down to a family style meal rich in taste and saturated fats. If I’m being honest, I believe it caused me to yearn. Any time you’re in a restaurant where the food is served in large serving dishes or piles it’s going to be a winner.
Which got me thinking about the marriage supper of the Lamb spoken of in Revelation 19. I can only hope that in our glorified body state that lard can once again become a staple of our diet. Crisco after all is white. And what can be so bad about that?

We all know that Jesus was into group dining as evidenced by the feeding the masses trick he did a couple of times. Along with the miracles, I tend to think that the large crowds were there on the chance that there could be free food. So it’s no surprise that one of the pinnacle moments in our future is this marriage supper of the Lamb thing.

Where I’m from we had Pot Luck (Blessing depending on your theology) dinners where everyone sort of brought their secret recipe something in crock pots and we all gluttonized together in the name of Jesus. I’m not sure if this supper with Jesus will be a bring your own dish thing but short of Monell’s catering this affair I believe this to be the best option.

I personally know a couple of ladies already there who could change your life (even in Heaven) with their fried chicken. There is one lady who could even get deviled eggs menu with her recipe. I’m hoping that there won’t be fillers like goulash and salad. I’m also thinking that after 40 years of it that there won’t be mana there either.

And then there’s the desert, Good Lord the desert. I mean that literally. Coconut cream pie is already a glimpse of eternity, so imagine it while experiencing eternity simultaneously. I’m sure there will be those Oreo deserts and that chocolate cake like they have at Stoney River too.

There will probably be some interesting conversations when it comes to the vegetarians. I don’t imagine that there will be tofu or veggie trays but maybe God will make some exceptions under the auspices of “to each their own”.
I have heard it said that this supper; which is what we called it in the Midwest. Lunch was lunch and dinner was supper, but I digress, could go on for days like they can in a Jewish wedding ceremony. (John 2:1-2) And if Peter is right about a day being like a thousand years in the Lords house, then a 3,000 year supper could be coming our way. No wonder they were gathered around the throne singing Holy is the Lord in Revelation.

These were the things I thought about as I continued on my 7 mile run complete with a bleeding chaffed nipple. (note to self: don’t wear a white shirt again and remember the Vaseline) Perhaps it’s just that I’m 37 and can’t bend it like Beckham but I really truly hope that eternity with Jesus includes lots of guilt free eating and no more exercising. I do trust God and I know that whatever it is He’s got in mind that it’ll be great, but for now I yearn. I yearn for biscuits, gravy, and Jesus. (and stain removing detergent for my newly red stained white shirt)

So tomorrow night we’re trading spaces with our friends at Renown Huntsville. Angus Nelson and the gang from Huntsville are bringing their operation to us. They’re a group not unlike ours existing in Huntsville, AL and making an impact on their community and the world. It’s exciting to know that there are others out there doing the same things, driven by the same purpose and in love with the same Jesus.

We have a special treat also in that Amber and Sarah from Everlife will be joining Adam Agee from Stellar Kart for a special time of worship. Only in Nashville.
By the way, Angus went to Bible College with me and can independently verify my mullet as well as how much of an upstanding student that I was. You can get a glimpse of Renown is doing at
Remember that we kick off at 7:30 at Journey Ecclesia at building 8 in the Factory.

See you then!


I have last weeks teaching posted. Don Cobble spoke on Israel. It was fascinating to say the least.

How to study the Bible. I’ve had folks asking me how I study the Word, where do I get this stuff from, etc. I thought it would be great to take the month of July and let me share with you how I personally search the scriptures and see if it helps you in your walk.


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