Conduit July 21- Digging Deep In The Underwear Drawer

I don’t know if you can relate to this but I think I frustrate my wife because I have plenty of clothes in my closet and drawers but I seem to wear the same 4-5 things over and over again.

My wife has just undergone the semi annual clothes purge from my closet. Some lucky Hispanic gentlemen are usually the lucky recipients of this purge after they end up in the Tyler garage sale.

The problem isn’t so much that I don’t have options. The problem isn’t even that I don’t necessarily like the options. (with notable exceptions such as the silk boxers and button down dress shirts) The problem is more about easy access.
You see, my wife is very good at keeping up with the laundry. So when I wear something, chances are it’s going to be washed, dried, and back in rotation in a matter of a couple days. So when I head to the closet those are the things at the front or on top. I might be inclined to dig down 2-3 shirts or jeans, but no more than that.

The underwear drawer it not a dissimilar situation. Don’t get me wrong. Like every guy I’ve got the actives and the reserves, but I’ve definitely got my “go to” and again normally it’s on the top of the drawer. (the notable exceptions being the afore mentioned silk boxers)

My dad tells a story about his favorite yellow shirt disappearing soon after he and mom got married. A crime that has my moms fingerprints all over it, although she was never prosecuted. She had motive and access. It would have been an open and shut case in any court of law.

It seems to indicate that this is a timeless problem. I’ll bet that Adam would have worn the same fig leaves over and over again if it weren’t for how itchy leaves can be when they dry up. And I assume animal skins would go putrid at some point but I digress.

My desire to not dig deep isn’t so much about laziness as it is about hassle. Easy access, simply execution and I’m off to the races.

As we approach these next few weeks of how to approach the Bible we’re definitely going to dig deep. It occurs to me that a supernatural text written by a supernatural God would require supernatural assistance in getting it inside of you.

Tonight we’re going to talk about rightly dividing the Word. 2 Timothy clearly says that we should know how to rightly divide the Word. Hebrews tells us that the Word should divide our spirit and soul. But what does that mean? How on earth do I divide the Word? It seems that it means we should just “understand” it, but it actually says “divide”. What meanest these things?

We’ll talk about it tonight. Bring your Bible and a shovel. We’re going to dig deep.
See you tonight at 7:30pm at Journey Ecclesia in Building 8 at the Factory. Philip Peters will be leading worship.

PS- IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION- I got an email from a friend who was concerned that I am advocating not knowing the Word yourself and allowing others to be the ones who teach it to you. Due to their specific religious upbringing that seemed to be what the email indicated. Just to be clear: I am NOT advocating that in the least. Quite the contrary. I’m suggesting that just studying for the sake of head knowledge isn’t the point. Getting the Word in you, meditating on it, keeping it in your hearts, etc all require diligence and time in the Word. We are, and will continue to be a gathering that is dedicating to searching the scriptures verse by verse and finding Jesus Christ there.


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