Conduit The Kingdoms Of This World…

I was listening to NPR. (there I said it, I listen to NPR) and I heard an interview with someone who said “I hope Barack Obama gets elected, he is our only hope”. She sounded desperate. She meant it. It is a sad day when our political candidates are our only hope.

I have definite opinions about whom can best lead us into the future, but I am utterly and perfectly convinced that neither of them can “save” us. Not in a spiritual way, nor can they do so in a natural way.

It is a perfect example of understatement to suggest that there are no easy solutions to our fuel crisis, to our economic crisis nor do we have any simple solutions for our national security. (unless you count my Grandfathers solutions which are to “put them all on an island and blow them the hell up”)

Both candidates have promised exactly what every other candidate has promised in the past few decades and have all failed to deliver on. There is a reason that our country no longer trusts our politicians. (It’s easy to get caught up in the approval rating for the President that hovers around 30% but the last time I checked, the approval rating for Congress was in single digits.)

Our country is in debt $500 billion dollars to China alone. The total debt that America owes to other countries is in the trillions. Can someone please tell me what the monthly on that monthly payment is?

In a top down type scenario, the people of our country are in personal debt that equals hundreds of billions of dollars. The solution for our politicians have come up with for the economy is to charge $700 Billion dollars (more than the entire cost of the Iraq war to date which is $600 Billion) and free up more credit so we can charge more stuff. I wonder if these guys could maybe make a phone call to the Dave Ramsey Show before signing this.

It is well above my pay grade and outside of my spiritual gifting to know what the Congress should do. However, it is well within me to suggest that we not panic. We don’t have to panic. Fear is the opposite of Faith. We can absolutely and positively be in this world and not of it. To quote the Word… “fear not”.

We live in a different economy and in a different Kingdom. Will our economy survive this crisis? Beats me. Will the Church survive this? Absolutely. And likely will thrive in it. Historically and presently the Church is always at it’s finest when the chips are down.

There have been cries for a “third party “ to arise. Personally I think it is time. Neither party speaks for me nor my beliefs wholly. I personally believe that the murder of an unborn child is unequivocally murder. I also believe that we should be fighting for the poor and the oppressed in our society. Which party represents me?

Right now the country is worried. Without Christ they have good reason to be. They have put their hope in the kingdoms of this world. The very kingdoms that Revelation 11 says will ultimately become the Kingdom of our Lord. That is not hyperbole. Jesus is coming back, opening up a can of Whoop God setting everything right, repaying all the evildoers for their work and taking over. Chavez, Mugabe and Ahmadinejad and all others who have participated in willful oppression, genocide and holocaust: He’s coming for you, and as Abraham suggested; the God of all the Universe will do what is right.

He’s not doing it because of some sort of Messiah complex. He’s doing it because He knows what we have slowly figured out; we can’t do it on our own. Maybe instead of a third political party to arise, it’s time for the Church to take her rightful place.
Let’s put down our bullhorns and protest signs and petitions and talking heads and roll up our sleeves. Let’s open our doors, our hearts, our money and our energy to serving the poor and the oppressed. The World has decided that the Church is about hating Gays, being pro gun and anti media. (does anybody remember the boycott on Disney?) They’ve decided this because that’s pretty much the majority of what they see and hear from us.

Instead of telling them what we’re for, let’s just be for it. Let’s just do it. I’m excited about the fact that Journey Church is calling on our family to spend one Sunday a month in community around us serving the unlovely, the widows, the orphans the ones that Jesus Himself suggested we serve. (can you believe a Pastor is asking the people to NOT go to church once a month?)

I’m excited about the work that Pastor Lafluer is doing with Restoration Ministries in Jacmel Haiti.

I’m excited about the work that is going on in Columbia TN with Place of Hope.

I’m downright encouraged when I think of the work that my friends in Compassion and World Vision are currently doing across the globe.

I’m in awe of the fact that one of my neighbors his adopting a baby from Haiti.

I’m excited to say that the Church is alive and well, and pray that In the meantime.

What if all of us got the picture crystal clear. What if every believer and every church made this desire to follow Christ in serving the oppressed on the front of their agenda and not as an afterthought. Let’s be honest, all those post card mailings and radio ads to “reach” people don’t work anyway.

What if we realized that we didn’t just sign up for this ride to get a ticket out of hell but to be an active, living part of the Body of Christ and His implementing arm in this earth? Is it possible that we could get everyone that is on the bench off and in the game. Is it possible that we could get everyone to stand a post? I think it is.

Conduit has just celebrated our first year anniversary. We have seen somewhere near $35,000 flow through our doors. In this next year I dare say that it will not just be money flowing through us, but the power of the Holy Spirit in each of us individually with creative ideas and solutions that are from the Father.

Maybe some are feeling the winds of change blowing that I feel. God is calling you and I to a higher level of service and sacrifice. It’s not a bummer. It’s a blessing! ONLY in losing your life you will find it Jesus said. What an irony when you consider how much time and energy we expend on “finding ourselves”.

So what can you and I do? First listen to the voice of the Spirit. There is plenty all around. Conduit works with ministry partners in Haiti that need plenty of help right now.

If you haven’t, please go to and look at the pictures I posted there from the recent hurricane in Haiti. Some of the images are disturbing, but they are truth. If you feel led to help them you can go to and make a donation towards our friends in Jacmel, Haiti. All of the money will flow right into their hands.

I’ll bet that there are options in your current church right now that maybe you don’t’ know about. Whatever your situation, there is definitely something. I would just ask you to quietly seek the Lord. I’m sure He’s speaking.

For those of you who can join us Monday night I am back in the saddle and have been so full from my recent journeys. I think it’ll be a special night. Hope you can make it. 7:30pm at Buildigng 8 in the Factory in Franklin, TN


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