No Conduit Monday

I’ll write more later this week, but I wanted to let everyone know that we won’t be having Conduit this week. I’m in Nebraska this week with my family going through my mom’s things and helping my dad as he enters this next phase of his life.

It’s been a sort of cathartic experience and has been kind of fun as my kids are learning that their daddy had girlfriends in high school and that according to my 8th grade music teacher Mrs. Christianson, I made “too many comments that disrupt the class.”

Would you do me a favor and email, facebook, myspace, and maybe even kick it old school and call around and make sure that word gets out? We’re somewhat of a scattered group but maybe even just putting “no conduit monday” in your facebook status for a couple hours will make sure we get the word out.

We’re coming back next week with the Benefit To Fight Hunger. More information to come very soon.


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