Financial Report Is in for 08

I recall hearing a story of an inventor who had been very successful in his life. As he got older he had created many successful household items and had made himself and his family quite a fortune. He was asked in an interview how did he come up with all those ideas? His response was that he wasn’t necessarily any different or more gifted than others. He had ideas just like everyone else. He said that the only difference between him and the others was that he actually did something about it.

Conduit was just that kind of thing. It was just an idea. It was a risky one at best. How on earth could an organization that is not a church but acts like one exist on only 10% of the revenues and give 90% of them away? It was an idea with out a lot of form, and had a lot more questions than answers. 15 months ago Conduit was just an idea born out of a 3,000 mile family trip staring at corn fields and the conduit that provided irrigation to them.

The pipes were cheap, simple, had no moving parts, were easy to replace and yet performed the important duty of moving a resource (water) from a place of plenty to a place in need. (corn fields) From that came one of those ideas that originated in the mind and somehow connected with the heart. Jeremiah 31 says that is the promise of the New Covenant that God would make with us. He would write his will on our hearts AND on our minds. Those ideas, those moments are often called inspiration. Perhaps the source of the inspiration is God breathing, inspiring, and speaking. Perhaps it is Him writing His will on our hearts and minds.

When you think about it Conduit was nothing, and now it’s something. It kind sounds like the way that God creates. He thinks of it, and then just makes it happen.
Sometimes it’s a creation that starts off as a project that takes shape over time. He created an earth that was without form and void and then over a period of time filled in the blanks. I don’t know how theologically sound this statement is but sometimes He creates with a sense of risk. Creating a human who had the ability to choose to love him or just as importantly to not, was somewhat of a risky proposition.

God continues to create even today. The exciting part is that He chooses you and I as the method of creation for many of His projects. Paul used the metaphor of a body to explain one way that God moves in our world. When my head has a good idea, for instance to train for a half marathon; my head counts on my body to implement it’s will. Without a body, my disproportionately large head is just another brain with a lot of good ideas and no ability to do something about it.

When God writes His will on my heart and mind, it’s up to me whether or not I do something about it. Most times it’s sort of a rough idea that isn’t fully formed and is full of risk. It’s something that connects with your heart and your mind and you have this choice to agree with the Lord, and jump into the jet stream of His will for your life, or you can do like I have done so many times: change the channel and see what else is on.

I suspect that like you, I don’t often implement the ideas. I’ve had those ideas to stop and talk to a stranger who seemed like he needed an ear. I’ve had ideas about calling someone who came to my mind out of the blue. I’ve had ideas that I should stop, turn off the computer and look my wife in the eyes. Often times those ideas that originate in my mind and connect with my heart go unheeded.

Conduit was one time I got it right. Here’s the best part, for many of you it’s an idea that you’re getting right as well. God is putting shape to it with ideas in your hearts and minds about Haiti, about Place of Hope, about stopping and writing a check or making a donation. Inspired by nothing more than Gods love putting ideas in mind and your heart you and I have given just over $68,000 in the past 15 months.

I feel it’s important for us to be honest about something. Sometimes Gods ideas don’t work out like we thought. To that end I have a confession to make. Conduit has failed in one specific way. We wanted to give away 90% of our revenues and exist on 10%. We were unable to keep that commitment.

Instead, we were able to give away 96.5% of the revenues and exist on 3.5%! I couldn’t understand how it would work, but it worked above and beyond my expectations. In fact it was more than I could ask or think. Sounds familiar.

If you want to get a look at the numbers specifically, you can go to

Click on the $$ link.
A full detailed report of what money came in and where it was sent exists there.

And when you get done with that, go implement those ideas that God has been putting in you. It’s a brand new year, full of brand new ideas. There are so many problems that need to be solved, so many holes that need to be filled. There is a world that needs to hear about His life giving love. A world that is hungry, naked and alone. In His love and wisdom, God has chosen you and me to do something about it.


PS- don’t forget that just $15 can feed one of our kids in Haiti for a month. That’s not much. Maybe God is giving you an idea to buy lunch for someone. In this case you can buy them lunch for a month.

You can donate online at or you can mail a check to

256 Seaboard Lane C-103
Franklin, TN 37067


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