Conduit January 25- The First Week

And so it was that Barack Hussein Obama became the President of the United States of America. (I know tone is hard to infer in writing, so for the record I don’t use his middle name for any sort of agenda. I think the folks who assume he’s Muslim because of his middle name are barking up the wrong tree)

Along with the rest of the country I watched the inauguration with a sense of gratitude that a black man could hold the highest office in the land. I really did feel excited especially for the folks who were around to experience the business end of racism alongside Martin Luther King.

Like a minority of Americans I watched while feeling the tension of wishing it could have been another person who could have filled that historic first. Be that as it may, He is indeed my president and I will pray for him as Paul commanded, and as Peter wrote, I will submit to Him as my government ordained by God. Unlike many right wing republican talk show wind bags, I do wish him success; our country depends on it.

The first week was a flurry of activities including ending the ban on funding for international groups who promote abortion; something I would like to be on the record as stating is damnable. He promised change, and this is definitely different from not funding the intentional murder of babies.

There were other hot button Nancy Pelosiesque pleasing moves like closing Guantanamo and instituting the Army Field Manual as the policy for interrogations. That’s bad news for Jack Bauer. He’s so going to jail.

I do appreciate his desire to work on our image around the world. The great news is that he won’t have to worry about Africa. Bush’s policies on HIV/ Aids, and the overwhelming amount of financial aid he sent there have put us on a very firm footing with the vast majority of our African brothers and sisters. (radical Muslim controlled territories not withstanding)

It’s very telling that of the myriad of problems that greeted President Obama the first morning in office that he picked the Mid East conflict to be one of his first projects. 11 presidents, going back to Truman have all attempted to insert themselves in to the Mid East peace process. Welcome President Obama to that conversation.

As our inauguration week was unfolding, Israel unilaterally declared a cease fire and withdrew their troops from Gaza, Hamas strangely declared victory. Initially it sort of put me in mind of that information minister in Iraq that used be so much fun. You remember the guy? The one that was on TV declaring victory while Bagdad was being taken?

It was at best curious when you consider they were defeated soundly and overwhelmingly by military standards. The curiosity is cured when you consider that Hamas defines victory as remaining in power, not defeating their sworn enemy and if you go by that definition they did win.

There was a sort of far flung hope that through this battle that Hamas power would be weakened and the more centrist Fatah led by Mahmoud Abbas, the lesser of two evils, would be able to reassume control of Gaza. These hopes were dashed as members of Hamas systematically and strategically murdered 35 supporters of Fatah, shot 75 of them in the legs and smashed the hands of dozens more. They sent a message loud and clear that anyone who would dare attempt to remove them from power.

In America we witnessed once again the peaceful transfer or power. In Gaza, Hamas still maintains an iron grip that was gained in a violent takeover of power from their rival party. Hamas has communicated loud and clear their willingness to use extraordinary violence aimed blindly at whomever dares cross them. Israel killed civilians accidentally and with sadness. Hamas does it purposefully and with glee.

I encourage you to pray for our brothers in sisters inside of Gaza tonight who are under this terrorist regime. They are just as much victims as Israel is.
David declares in Psalm 122:6, that we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem. David goes on to say “may those who love you be secure”. It would seem that our best national security would not be to abandon our long time allies Israel, but rather to love them.

President Obama needs to know where you stand. I don’t believe it does any good to do it with anger or malice, but I encourage you to write your legislative officials and the President as well. Let them know what you think of using your tax dollars for abortion. Let them know where you stand on supporting Israel. And then, most importantly, let them know you’re praying for them.

As for tomorrow night, we’re on to Exodus 9. We’re taking the plagues up a notch with some exciting boils and hailstones. It’s reminiscent of Revelation 6-19. Could there be a correlation?

Hope to see you tomorrow night at 7:30 pm at Journey Church in the Factory in Franklin.

Darren find the podcast here.


Those of you who know me, know about my dreams of becoming a televangelist. We couldn’t afford a real TV show so we’re broadcasting live on the web every week at we start at 7:30 central time. Please join us if you can.

DON’T FORGET!!! The Haiti Ball is January 31, AKA this weekend, at 7:30pm at Rocketown in downtown Nashville. Please don’t think of this as just a date night. If you’ve got a date, please bring them, but it’s also a great time to just bring a group of friends and have a great time with free food, prizes and surprise musical guests. All proceeds go to Restoration Ministries in Jacmel Haiti. You get to come, have an amazing time, and in less than a month the cost of your ticket is in the hands of the people who need it in Haiti. Come celebrate hope in Jesus Christ with us. Tickets can be purchased in advance at they are $17 each.

If you haven’t changed your profile picture yet to the Haiti Ball artwork, would you consider doing that? Would you consider donating your status to promoting it? we want to blow this up this year bigger than ever before. I appreciate so much all of you who are already helping and those who are starting now


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