Conduit Reborn- Sunday 6pm

One of the challenging things about Conduit over the past couple of years was the idea of trying to identify what it was.  It’s a Bible Study that studies the Bible but also with the ability to respond to the Jesus that we encounter in those pages.    I spent a lot of time an energy trying to say what I didn’t think it was.  We just never got around to calling it was it actually was.

We’ve been Conduit of His Word.  We have believed that God’s Word truly is what He promises it to be.  We have allowed it to divide our own souls, cutting away the impurities.  We’ve adjusted our lives as we embrace every chapter, every verse of His Word.    As we’ve gone through the Word, the Word has gone through us, and we have been transformed.

We’ve been Conduit of His resources.   The well over $100,000 we’ve given away has changed the lives of people here in Middle TN and around the world.  Refugees were fed, college students in Ghana given a chance, our precious kids in Haiti eating, educated, and raised in the gospel, set captives free through Place of Hope in Columbia.   We have been a supply line for the Church on the front lines declaring the gospel.

We’ve been Conduit of the gospel.  We’ve responded with our lives by obeying the simple call of “go”.  We’ve gone and been the personal hands and feet of Jesus to people around the world, especially in Jacmel, Haiti.   The Spirit has moved in, through and around us just as Jesus promised.

What do you call a group of Christians gathered together like this?    Forgive me for stating the obvious, but in the book of Acts it’s called a Church.    Conduit is a church.  We’re responding to that call, to that invitation from God.  Those of us that began when this was was birthed are now being joined by those of you who have felt the Lord leading to lock arms, to further the work of the kingdom.  We have truly only scratched the surface of what God can do.

In John 10 Jesus said that you and I would have rivers of living water flowing from within us.  It said He was speaking of the Holy Spirit to come.    What would that look like, for a group of believers to have rivers of living water flowing from them?  I mean, we get it esoterically and metaphorically, but what does that look like on a quite literal level?  We’ll talk about that on Sunday.

I’d like to invite the Conduit family to join us this Sunday night for our first official gathering as a Church.  It’ll be a time of worship, of prayer, of consecration.  It’ll be the beginning of something beautiful.

6:00pm Journey Church.  Building 8 In The Factory.
Childcare will be provided.
We’ll be done by 7:15.
I’d like to ask the older kids, middle schoolers and High School age to be part of the gathering.

I hope you can make it.  We’re so excited to serve beside you on this amazing journey that God is calling us all on.

Darren Tyler
Conduit Church

A Conduit of His love to the community in front of us, and the world around us.


One thought on “Conduit Reborn- Sunday 6pm

  1. Just read your letter and I hope to be there Sunday night. I know you and Shannon have Gods heart for the people and I want to hear all about what you are doing.


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