Conduit Church Update

I so enjoyed our first official gathering as Conduit Church.  Due to our location issues, it’s going to be difficult to lock in to a consistent Sunday night gathering before the end of the year.    I was just so blown away by who God is joining together for this work.

I’ve had a lot of folks asking if we can get together again soon.  After investigating the calendar, it seems that the only time that really works is this Monday night.  It’s last minute and I don’t want you to feel any sort of pressure to be there if you’re otherwise committed or have stuff going on with the kids school schedules.    We’ll meet at Journey Church again.

If you have kids and plan on coming, please RSVP to this email address so we can have a good idea and can properly serve them.   We’ll meet at 6pm again and unpack some more of the vision for Conduit.  We’ll post the teaching again on the podcast if you can’t make it.


CHRISTMAS IN HAITI: Philip Peters and Theresa Swain with Restore Haiti did a tremendous job getting Christmas gifts to our kids in Haiti.    Thanks to everyone who worked so hard in making that happen.   When you’re opening your gifts on Christmas day, know that there are a whole lot of kids in Haiti who will get to do the same.

CHURCH LOCATION:  The search continues for a location in the Spring Hill area.  I’ve had some great conversations with schools, real estate agents, and other pastors in the area.  There is a real sense of community among the pastors and I’ve been given some great wisdom on the area.

WEBSITE:  Our very own Breezy Baldwin has been working on the website.  please go to and get a look at her work on that site.  You can also see the new church logo there as well.    The website should be up and running very soon.

$:  I have been actively working the phones with pastors attempting to fund raise for the church.  We have some support from Journey Church and my goal is to have other churches lock arms with us as well until we get on solid ground.   If you would, ask the Lord if He would lead you to start tithing into the church.  We don’t have any overhead right now, but will soon start encountering the start up costs.   You can donate online at the site.  Click on donate now, and put “church plant” in the subject line.  You can also mail a check payable to Conduit 256 Seaboard Lane C-103 Franklin, TN.   We’re set up and legal so there is a full tax deduction available to you.

SERVING:  I’ve been asked by many of you about where you can serve.  By January I’ll have a firm grasp of what we’ll need, and those that feel led can let me know.  With the work we’re doing for our partners internationally in addition to the “normal” church things we’ll have a wide array of possibilities.

·      Dec 12, 2009- Pastor Jamie will be making the announcement at Journey Church that they are sending us out to plant Conduit Church in Spring Hill.

·      January 10, 2010-  Journey Church will do an ordination service, ordaining me into full time ministry.  (my mom is smiling in heaven)

·      Sometime at the end of February or the beginning of March Journey will have a “sending service” as they officially send us out to be Conduit Church.  We’ll get the exact date locked down in the next couple of weeks.

As for Conduit Church- starting in January we’ll begin having weekly gatherings for a time of prayer, fellowship, teaching, worship, strategy and if I get my way, food.    We’ll use these times to mentally, spiritually, and pragmatically be ready for March.
As we move into March we’ll have full blown services.  We’ll use the month of March to get our stuff together.  Make sure our systems for children, worship, etc are all in place.

We’ll use these next few months to unpack our Villages (small group ministry), get our Children’s ministry resourced and Jim Henderson staffed up with the folks he needs, build the infrastructure for middle school and high school ministry, as well as the other ministries that will be needed.

Although we’ll have been meeting together since January, we’ll have an official launch service on Easter Sunday in April.

I look forward to seeing those of you who can make it Monday.  Please know that I’m praying for you each individually.  Please pray for the work God is calling each of us to do.  I like the prayer that Paul prayed from prison in Philippians.  He didn’t pray God get me out of here, he prayed God help me to use this opportunity to communicate the gospel clearly.  Amen.


PS- The teaching portion of last weeks gathering is posted. It includes a word from Jim Henderson and his heart for the ministry to kids at Conduit Church.   You can find it at

Super PS- If you feel led, remember that $15 feeds a kid in Haiti for a month.  You can donate at   put “food for haiti” in the subject line.


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