Haiti Needs Help $25 Challenge

As you’ve probably seen, Haiti was hit today with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. We’ve heard precious little information from our friends in Jacmel, only that they’re all alive.

We’ve heard reports that there is destruction all around. Haiti is predominantly made up of shacks. The vast majority of buildings are made up of unreinforced concrete. Think about the damage in a place like California with all the reinforced concrete buildings, and imagine what a waste land it would be with out any of those safety standards.

The images will be coming very soon of the death, destruction and suffering that is already going on. We don’t know the exact needs, but we do know that there are going to be desperate needs.

I’m not asking where is God, I’m asking where is the church. This a time for us to shine in the darkness.
Please pray. Stop whatever you’re doing an pray. And then..

Our friends in Haiti can’t ask you. We can’t hear their cries for help, or their screams of pain and fear, but please know that they are real. They’re not statistics, they are humans that God loves.

I’m asking on behalf of them.

I challenge you and everyone you know to donate $25 to Conduit Mission. We will give EVERY penny you donate over to Restoration Ministries in Jacmel Haiti as soon as the banks will allow.

Please, don’t take this lightly. Please know that you can make a difference. Maybe you fast a day or two and use that money. Maybe you put something on craigslist. Or Maybe just go through the cushions. Pray about it, and give as the Lord leads.
This is our time to be a Conduit of His resources from our land of plenty to a land desperately in need.

Please forward this to whomever you can.
Thank you.
Darren Tyler
Conduit Church
To donate go to http://www.conduitmission.org hit the donate now button.


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