report from Jacmel, Haiti and Restoration Ministries

We’ve been given word that there has been no loss of life in the Restoration Ministries Church in Jacmel Haiti. So grateful and joyful for that news.

Restoration Ministries church properties are all still standing. There has been damage to the Restore Center in downtown Jacmel but it’s still standing.

We have urgent need of getting supplies to Jacmel. It is a coastal town, south of Port Au Prince and the road between the two has been cut off. The airport, which is a landing strip with a small building on it, has been turned into a refugee camp. Our main option is to find organizations who can bring their supplies to a port on the southern coast. If anyone reading this has connections that can help us. Please email me at

The water is down, the food supply is very limited, the hospital is down, medical supplies limited. Port Au Prince is such an overwhelming problem and very little attention has been brought to the towns and cities to the south.

We’re continuing to gather resources and finances. you can donate by clicking on the “donate now” button on our site.
100% of the moneys coming in are going to this very urgent crisis.


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