A Candid Update From On The Ground in Jacmel, Haiti


Thursday, January 14, 1:24 p.m.: “God, I can’t do this anymore”

Gallery: Earthquake damage in Jacmel

“I saw the Haitian Red Cross attempting to rescue someone who was trapped and still alive under a collapsed cement building. (And had been for 2 days.)

As I stood there listening, I heard people around me talking. Her first child was taken out from the rubble and was dead and lying in a body bag right in front of me. She wailed and wailed because of the death of her child.

But she sat there, clinging to her husband for support because she knew she still had a living child under the rubble. The rescue went on for a while. The smell of death made everyone cover their faces until someone finally brought out a jug of formaldehyde and started splashing it all over the body bag.

We waited and waited while people continued to dig. After some time had passed they were passing water in as they’d apparently found the person and were getting them water. More time passed… and while the rescue continued, the child died.

Read more about what Mangine has seen in Jacmel, Haiti

When they came out with the news that the child died the mother wailed and wailed and wailed, “Bondye! Mwen pa kapab fè anko!” (“God, I can’t do this anymore”) In my mind, images of women delivering their babies flashed through my mind in a slideshow… “Bondye… Mwen pa kapab fè anko! Mwen pa kapab fè anko! Mwen pa kapab fè anko!”

— Gwenn Goodale Mangine, a houseparent at an orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti, working with the missionary group “Joy in Hope”. Read more about what she saw at the rubble at her blog


You can also read about Jacmel and Gwenn at


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