An Update From Pastor Lafleur on Haiti

Hello Everyone!
“Better late than never”. I am in a better position to update you about our folks at Restoration Ministries in Jacmel because this morning on my way to the Miami Airport I was able to talk to Fedony our Coordinator on the grounds for about 5 minutes…
The Restoration Center is damaged but standing, he was not in a position to give me a full assessment of the damage. The house that we are building there is still standing but the fence will need to be refixed.

Our little place of worship is still standing though the walls split but many of our church members whose small houses collapsed, were able to spend Tuesday and Wednesday nights in that facility. There are alot of people who died in Jacmel especially many students who were attending classes in some of the schools that operated in the evening.

Pastor Rodrigue’s wife, Erika along with Fedony’s wife, Marie Laure narrowly escaped death because they left the school where they were attending an English Class 30 minutes before the quake; that 2 stories building is completely flat on the ground so, many of the teachers and students have lost their lives even some University students were there too in their regular classes. Fedony was to be in class that same afternoon but early in the day he just felt the need not to go, otherwise he would have been right there in the middle of the catastrophe. He lost a classmate who usually sat next to him on the same bench.

On top of all this great calamity, the only hospital in Jacmel is destroyed. Some of the UN officers, together with some local doctors and other medical persons are forced to set up a make shift hospital in on the ramp of the small and only airport in that city as they are doing their best to give medical assistance to the many victims that they were able to rescue under the rubbles.

Loving Light Hotel where we normally stay, sustained some damages but it is still standing while other hotels, churches etc are badly damaged…

I also spoke to an aunt of mine in NY who was able to receive a 1 minute call from one of my uncles last night, he was unable to fully express himself but many of them are safe and taking shelter in a church yard nearby…He also mentioned that there were some other info that he was not ready to share with my aunt yet which left me to wonder now if my dad is still alive or any other family members died in the whole thing. Anyway God knows and He is still in charge.

Restoration Ministries have already received $US 7250 from many friends, partners and others via the Conduit Mission Haiti Relief drive. Special thanks to Pastor Darren Tyler, Jeremy Hezlep and other members of Conduit Church in Nashville TN, Philip Peters, Theresa Swain from New River Fellowship and many others who have coordinated such a drive on the internet. With that money, our Crew on the ground will be providing food, water and medical supplies for some of the victims in Jacmel especially the poorest of the poor with no discrimination.

Finally we would like to encourage everyone to continue with the relief effort for Haiti. DON’T STOP DONATING online just visit or you can send Checks/Money Orders payable to “Restoration Ministries” at:
P.O.BOX 2728

Remember “NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL” simply give what you can and motivate all your friends and family members to do the same.


Pastor Lafleur


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