A message from our Haitian Whirlwind/ Pastor Gerald Lafleur

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! I am lost for words as I was able to speak to Fedony while the team SPECIAL team was on the ground delivering relief supplies to the people of Restoration Ministries as well as many others in Jacmel. I shed many tears of looking at the picture posted by Pastor Darren of Conduit Church. I am so glad that I have partners like you guys…

Distribution in Jacmel is being organised in an orderly manner, no fight over food or water as CNN trying to put it the world, there are some people who care for others in the midst of it all and they still have the heart of sharing. That’s what has been happening on the grounds in Jacmel, many people have quickly learned how to share with others because ALL QUANTITY CAN BE DIVIDED.

This morning our team was also able to give even special monetary assistance to over 80 elderly folks so that they can buy stuff for their families like oil for their lamps etc. Each of them received 150 Haitian Dollars. Oh yes they all expressed their gratitude for that gesture. Well this was made possible due to the donation that we have already received from Conduit Mission and his partners. Thanks so much!!! You are really helping us to make a difference.

I was told this afternoon that Reubens, our translator is alive in Port-au-Prince, as well as my cousin, Catherine. So I have a lot to celebrate today in the midst of everything.

Hey don’t stop giving!!! Www.conduitmission.org


Pastor Lafleur

David Whetstone with Fedony and our friends at Restoration Ministries in Jacmel, Haiti


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