And Update From Jacmel Haiti from Pastor Lafleur

Hello Friends!

I spoke to Fedony twice today about the situation in Jacmel. It is so sad to know that everything has changed since the US Army guys took over the small airport, flights have been veryyyyyyyyy limited. You must have a US passport to come by to ask for any information, they are treating the haitians like they have a disease on them in their own country. For example my friend Jenny Tryhane who is a white lady from Barbados allowed to go in instead of Pastor Bannes a Haitian that was expecting 2 friends from DR. I feel it for my people. Yesterday evening they even had a small demonstration in Jacmel because the people cannot cope with certain things. It is my prayer that God will intervene to deal with the hearts of those US guys on the ground so that they can act more and more like human beings with feelings…

I am also grieving the killing of some of my Haitian brothers for a bag of rice that was sent for them in the first place….They forget that they are dealing with people…Anyway let God be the judge!

Last night they gave the electricity for a few hours in Jacmel for the very first time since the quake hit Haiti.

This morning our team on the ground had a major food and other items distribution, they were able to give packages to 150 different families coming from several communities around. And up to now, they continue to cook for more than 100 persons twice daily. All this is possible because of you our good partners and friends who support the Conduit Mission and Score International. We speak God’s abundant blessings over all of you!!!

We are confident that God will see us through in this time of trouble. He will wipe our tears away.

Keep on giving your best!;


Pastor Lafleur;


One thought on “And Update From Jacmel Haiti from Pastor Lafleur

  1. Hello,

    My name is Tim Weber. I am a pastor at a church in the states. I was in Jacmel in September meeting with Pastor Placide and Danny Pye from Haitian Children’s Home. We are packing food for Kids Against Hunger and are trying desperately to figure out a way to get it to Jacmel. Do you have any suggestions, leads, contacts, etc. We will be packing 250,000 meals very soon.

    thank you,

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