January 28, 2010 Update from Jacmel Haiti

An update from our friend Pastor Gerald Lafleur or Restoration Ministries in Jacmel Haiti

Hello Friends!

This morning I had a great interview on Observer Radio with Zidor Fednel, the Government Delegate for the South East Department with Jacmel as the major city. He told us that they are very much in need of tents to house some of the people, he hopes that the different people collecting millions on behalf of Haiti will be willing to use the money to help the people in their rebuilding effort; according to him 50 percent of government buildings are down, the Catholic church in Jacmel is over 200 yrs old but now it cannot be used due to the extent of the damage…

Fedony also shared some light on the same program about the situation on the ground in Jacmel in terms of the distribution of relief supplies etc.

David Whetstone is still in Haiti with them as they continue to assess the needs on there so that they can see how to properly assist the people, they visited several churches, orphanages, they have a special meeting sets for tomorrow with some pastors and leaders to develop a network to affect the people body, soul and spirit…

They are expecting some more food into Jacmel from DR. We pray for favor.

Please pray for me as I am putting things in place to go to Haiti on Wednesday from DR, I need a flight from there, if you wish to sponsor me on that trip feel free to let me know because I need some pocket money and some to leave behind for my family. Elsa and I don’t have a saving because we have been supporting people in Haiti with our money…Anyway God has still been good to us!!!

Hey let your heart guides you as you check http://www.conduitmission.org


Pastor Jean Lafleur


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