Conduit Church- In The Beginning

In the mountains of Switzerland there is a man made tunnel that is 17 miles long, is the coldest location in the Universe and runs in a complete circle. It took 15 years, $10 billion, scientists from 34 countries and 150 Universities to build this tunnel. It is operated by a European Organization known as CERN and The purpose, as is stated by Michio Kaku is to be a “Genesis machine.” He went on to say: “It’ll help recreate the most glorious event in the history of the universe. This is a huge step toward unraveling Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 1- what happened in the beginning”.

Scientists for years have been on the search for what was originally called the “God Particle” until more ambitious and creative atheist scientists changed the name to “dark matter”. I don’t have the space, and you don’t have the patience for me to try and describe it, but should you have the intestinal fortitude, and an affinity for Stephen B Hawking, you can go here to read more:

The bottom line is that the “God Particle is what is believed to hold every single thing in the Universe together including You and Me. Scientists know it’s there, they simply can’t see it, hold it, or create it. I personally believe that they’re looking in the wrong place. Colossians 1:17 tells us that “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.”

It is in search of this God Particle that scientists from around the world watched today as someone flipped the switch on and 2 proton beams rushed around the circle in opposite directions with the express purpose of crashing them together, and in effect recreate the circumstances that existed at the beginning.

The scientists were giddy at the success. They were saying things like “this is the Jurrasic Park of physics”. It produced 7 trillion electron volts. This is a record for two reasons. First for how huge this was, based upon other attempts at this. It was by far the largest reaction of this nature ever created in a laboratory. The second is for how small it was. For you see, the amount of energy was the equivalent of “less than two mosquito’s crashing together” as Kaku the scientist from City College of New York put it.

The entire wisdom, wealth, and power of the world were able to only create a microscopic reaction that occurs in nature all the time. What God does with the flick of an eyelash millions of times a day it took the entire world working in concert to do just once.

2,000 years ago, God defied science in another way, when Jesus resurrected from the dead. We’ve got guys frozen in laboratories around the world waiting for science to figure out how to do what God did with Jesus and what He’ll one day do with those who are dead in Christ. We take it for granted because we read the story in reverse, but holy cow! He was dead. And now He’s not. Science can NOT do this. Only the all powerful, creator of the Universe, creator of science and scientists, can do this. I wonder if it’s even possible for me to understand the magnitude of what He did on that day.

According to Romans 8: 11, that same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, that same Spirit, that holds all and keeps all things together, that same Spirit that the greatest minds and all the money in the world can’t figure out, dwells in you and I. It dwells in us because of what happened on Easter. It’s the very reason we celebrate.

What if we truly believed that? What if we truly understood that we are Conduit of that Spirit to the community in front of us, and the world around us?

That’s the journey I’m inviting you on at Conduit Church. I’m inviting you to join me in discovering what it would really truly look like if we embraced this Spirit instead of trying to explain it away. Jesus said in John 7 that from us would flow rivers of living water. It says that He said this in reference to the Spirit that was to come. That same spirit that raised Christ from the dead. What could that possibly mean for our community and our world?

Conduit Church is the result of so many of us asking that question. This Sunday is the first step of us exploring what it looks like when an entire Church asks the question together.

We’ll start at 10:30am. We’re meeting at Independence High School. There is a map and directions on

Hope to see you Sunday morning.

Darren Tyler

PS- there are details and updates from our work in Haiti at

My wife is in charge of the 0-5 year olds. We have 4 kids of our own. Shannon is VERY pro baby. They’ll be taken care of in a super safe, clean, and calm environment.

We might be brand new, but the K-5 kids are blessed to have Jim Henderson leading them. I’ve seen and heard it first hand and it’s an awesome and high energy but also very focused on teaching our kids the Word.

Middle School- High School are invited to hang with Corey Peek. He’s broken many bones in his life which means he’s got great stories. Just as importantly he’s been mentored under an awesome youth minister in our own community and He does an awesome job of building relationships and communicating God’s Word.

We’re In Nashville so this might not come as a surprise, but we’ve got an incredible worship team led by Jeremy Hezlep.


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