Update From Togo

I just got this email from David Whetstone in Togo Africa, It was just too good to pass up. Please be praying for David and the team as they open the primary school in Gbentchal, Togo Africa.

Here’s what he wrote:

I called around the other day to get to the top of the Government to get approval for the school and to get things moving along so we can start school here. I also wanted to get the land moving along and the final NGO status here in Togo.

I met the head guy for lunch at the Belleview. He was a head guy of Parliament here, which I had no idea. He sat and listened to me over lunch. I did not know what he was thinking but when I was finished giving the pitch he calmly said, “You are free to do anything that you wish.” He said, “you will not pay high fees for the NGO, and you will have the final letter within the month but I will give you a license receipt to use for the next 2 weeks. (this will allow us to cross the border with no problem even with our vehicles. It gives us the go ahead with all the legal guys so the police will not be able to charge us when they want, as well as we can ship things in the country for next to nothing. The man also told me that, he is very high in the government so let us know when we ship a container and he will help us personally.

He personally went with me to our Lawyer and shared with her that we will not pay all the fees. He then drove us to all the High up Government people and introduced us personally. We met the minister and many others.

At then end of our time, I politely asked him why he was so eager to help us. He said, “David, I am Moba. When I was a child someone came to my village and helped me. There were 64 of us kids (WHICH IS THE SAME AMOUNT OF ORPHANS WE HAVE RIGHT NOW.) He said I was the only one that really went far but I know what my people are capable of if they just had someone to believe in them.

Then he closed with this, “Also David, the chief in your village is my NEPHEW.

Of all the people God could have led me to. When I called his office, I asked him if he could meet me the following day. He said I want to meet you today. When I got to our meeting he said, “I was so excited that you called my office today. The reason I wanted to meet you today and not tomorrow is because I have already heard about you and what is happening in Gbentchal. I was so eager to finally meet you.”

Ha ha I am getting chills over as I write this with tears flowing.

Conduit, God has his hand all over this….I dont know how to express the miracles that are happening over here. Keep praying and lets see many more in Parliament be our born again orphans! ONE day…..ONE DAY!!!


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