Jailed Haitian Missionary Danny Pye Coming To Conduit Sunday September 25, 2011


We are so blessed to have Danny Pye join us at Conduit this Sunday September 25 at 1030am. You can find directions and information at http://www.conduitchurch.com

Danny was held in a Haitian jail for almost 6 months without ever being formally charged with anything. His wife was 3 months pregnant when he was taken to jail. She was left to care for their ministry and the orphans that are a part of their ministry. He survived physical abuse, hunger, cholera, and of course the desperation and loneliness that went along with such an ordeal. Conduit was blessed to play a small part in the ordeal when we were able to tell his story to Jay Sekulow at ACLJ. Jay and his organization http://www.aclj.org sprung into action at the highest levels of government and Danny was freed days later.

You can hear his story of survival and persevering first hand.

Also, would you mind spreading the word? Donating your Facebook status, twitter updates, or for that matter stand out on the front porch and yell to your neighbors?


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