If Time Were A Groupon

Time has really come to fascinate me lately. If I’m on Earth, and it’s 7pm Central Time. What time is it on Jupiter? If time is measured by a rotation of the axis of the earth, then what time zone would Mars be?

Einstein proffered in his theory of relativity that at the speed of light, time ceases to exist. Which makes a lot of sense since the scriptures tell us that God is light. With God there is no time. It’s eternal now. Peter would say it this way. With the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day.

He created time. He doesn’t need it, doesn’t have an iPhone calendar ap.

I used to think of it as a tool for us, but these days I’m thinking of it more as a gift or an investment.

It’s been said that “time heals” and that is so true on so many levels. When a loved one graduates to Heaven, it’s extremely difficult in the first days and weeks. Then as time passes it gets easier. There is often times a guilt associated with this. However, if God created time, and then uses that time to Heal us, it’s really OK to receive that gift without guilt.

It’s not only a gift, but an investment he has made in us. Much like the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. Each of the men got only so much of it. And while the master was away, each of the servants were expected to invest what they had of it.

The average lifetime being 75 years, the average life gets 657435.958 hours. That’s the average investment he will put into each of us. But, it’s not the amount of time we have been given, rather it’s what we do with what we have.

The financial metaphor is woven throughout our language when referring to time. We spend time, save time, invest time. In the Bible God would tell us to “redeem” the time. When I take a groupon to the business, I give it to them in exchange for something else. I am “redeeming” that coupon.

Each minute I get, every day, I am redeeming it. I’m turning it over in exchange for something else.

I’ve started taking this very seriously. If you’ve been through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace you know about budgeting your money. Spend every penny on paper before you actually spend it.

I’ve started looking at my calendar ap, not as a schedule, but a budget. I am spending it on paper before spending it in real life. It’s been a process, and an adjustment.

It has shown me where I am wasting time. It has revealed to me that there are things in my life that have to go. I only have a certain amount of minutes in the day and when the schedule is done, it’s done. There are things in my life I spend too much time on. It’s like over paying for something and having buyers remorse. There are things I spend too little time on. Not like I got a good deal on something and I’m excited. But that I paid far too little and it cheapens it.

I haven’t gotten it all figured out yet. I’m struggling with the sabbath piece. Where does that fit? It was included in the ten commandments alongside of don’t murder or steal so it’s clearly something that I need to focus on. What do I give up not as an act of obedience but what do I give Him as an act of worship.

The time with my wife, that has to be a priority. Quality and quantity are the same things when it relates to time with kids. I want to find the balance to that as well.

And ultimately what I want is when I stand before the Lord that the investment he has made in me. The 655,000 hours I might get, that I can present that back to him with an enormous return.

Ephesians 5:16


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