Ten Signs You Grew Up in A Charismatic Church in the 80s

You know what this is. (You may or may not have been recruited to be in the tape ministry.)


This was your power point for song lyrics:


You know what role the “catcher” plays in a church service:


When a woman is slain in the Spirit, you know that her legs should be covered by a silk sheet. If no sheet is available the suit coat of a near by catcher will suffice:


You know that “I will dance like David danced” is the most important part of the song “When the Spirit of The Lord” and MUST only be sung at the end of the song:


This is how David danced:


You had a tambourine lady: (Bonus if you were the tambourine lady)




You know the awkward tension of waiting, hoping, praying that someone has the interpretation:


You have experienced this awkward tension on the only day you invited a non Christian to church with you:


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