A Culture Of Umbrage: Hillary Rosen, CNN And Outrage

I’m not a huge fan of Hillary Rosen. She gives off the kind of air that exudes puckered embitterment. You get the feeling that she can be a little crunchy around the office.

Before she was a “Democratic Operative” she was president of the RIAA. (Recording Industry of America) Like any good trade organization they are constantly involved in self congratulatory activity that gives off the appearance off accomplishment. A capitalism treadmill; lots of activity but getting nowhere.

It’s true they are the organization that certifies when an album is gold and platinum. A job that most certainly isn’t in demand as it used to be. A job whose main qualification is the ability to count. The same skills required for a puppet on sesame street.

A few years ago, Ms Rosen was part of the genius pool that decided that it would be awesome to sue the individual users of Napster. A scorched earth policy that accomplished nothing but bad PR for the music industry and some high blood pressure from unsuspecting parents being sued for their kids online activities. A dramatic misreading of the American people.

She seems to have done it again with her statement about working moms. Declaring that Ann Romney “hasn’t worked a day in her life” she poked a political dragon in the butt. The judger has become the judged. She has been thrown under the bus by her own political allies; A bus driven at break neck speeds by her political opponents.

As you can see, I’m not a huge fan of Ms Rosen, but I think this entire episode is a ridiculous distraction from better things.

Of course what she said was condescending and naive. My wife chose to stay at home to take care of our 4 children and our family is forever blessed because of her sacrifice. She works harder than me on any given day or night. To her Ms Rosen’s comments are insulting.

I couldn’t disagree with her more vehemently. I’m just wondering if it really requires us to devote a weeks worth of lead stories, talking head segments, and op-ed pieces in every major news outlet.

One more time our national dialogue has been hijacked by a culture of umbrage.

While we’re having this war of semantics outrage over working moms in America, I stood next to the grave of a dead mom in Haiti. She left behind 5 kids with no Father to care for them. She was 42. Her grave was fresh, only a couple days old. It was less than 20 feet from the shack her kids call home. Buried in the back yard, like a dog because there was no money for a cemetery. Watching the toddler playing on the dirt pile next to the hole brought a flood of emotions to me. He just didn’t know. How could he?

Her name was Carmene Pierre. She loved her kids. They loved her. Her 5 kids will now be raised by their sister in her early twenties. Carmene was a working mom, and on behalf of her and countless other moms like her, wouldn’t it be better if we we were fighting for those moms too?

While I’d love to be outraged at the comments made by Ms Rosen, I’ve only got so much time and outrage to go around.

Instead I choose to be outraged that Carmene suffered and died due to high blood pressure; something that would have easily been medicated in a developed nation. A year from now Ms Rosen will be gainfully employed and this political catastrophe will be long behind her. A year from now Carmene’s children will still have no mother and live in a shack next to her grave.

I’m outraged that Hillary Rosen is a border line house hold name, and Carmen Pierre died in anonymity. I’m outraged that national news networks are devoting time to a pretend “war on moms” with metaphorical casualties when there is a real war on mom’s in places like Haiti with actual casualties.

What kind of crazy messed up world do we live in where the name of a left wing democratic operative who can count is more known than Carmene Pierre? I’m outraged by the amount of time and effort given to Hillary Rosen and zero given to Carmene Pierre.

Outrage is such a useless emotion if it doesn’t fuel action towards addressing the cause.

Because I can’t do much, it’s tempting to not do anything. But what a waste of outrage. I asked myself, what could I do? What can we do?

Say her name to Jesus. pray for her children.
Share her name here in the social networking platforms of Web 2.0
Write her name in the memo line of a check/ donation.

Her name matters more than politics. Let’s use it.

Conduit Mission is committed to raising the funds to building a house for her children. The rainy season is upon us, and Hurricane season is right around the corner. It’s going to cost $12,000 to build this house. It’s going to be concrete blocks with stable footing to withstand the elements. Constructed in a way to more easily withstand an earthquake.

Long after Hillary Rosen and this week’s political debate is gone, this house will stand as a testament that we can do better things. And the kids inside, will grow up educated, fed, and cared for by their sister along with the support of an amazing local church.

They don’t know the name Hillary Rosen, and I hope they never do.

If you can help.. Go to www.conduitmission.org click on donate and put Carmene Pierre House in the memo. We’ve already had over $2,000 committed. We can do this.

Or you can go to http://www.crowdrise.com/haitihouseproject/fundraiser/Craigfelker and support my friend Craig Felker who is running the Nashville Marathon. He is raising money that will go towards this house as well.

Or maybe God will speak to you to do something we haven’t thought of. God is creative like that.





The Palestinian UN Debate. How Would Jesus Vote?

With all the news about Palestine at the UN this week I’ve been forwarded a blog by Carl Medearis and asked my thoughts on it. I’ve read it a few times and if you haven’t here’s a link for your convenience.


Carl’s thesis seems to be that the support of Israel from American churches is driven by a group of nit wits with half baked theology and nothing else. And apparently by nit wits he means people who believe that all Scripture is God Breathed. (2 Timothy 3:16)

He refers to a passage, that I can only assume is Genesis 12:1-7 as “obscure OT prophecy” suggesting that he does not hold to the Bible as the Inspired Word of God by dismissing certain parts as if we can ignore it.

To quote Jesus Matt 5:18 “For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.”  According to Jesus there is no such thing as an obscure or unimportant Word from God’s mouth.

But let’s follow Carl’s premise and look at this from a purely secular common sense side. Carl covered a lot of ground, but Here’s what he left out of his blog.

President Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian people is a member of Fatah, an internationally recognized terrorist group. Abbas is indeed more moderate than his counterparts, but that’s like saying that a guy who has murdered 1 person is more moderate than someone who has murdered 10.

He didn’t say that Palestine is ruled by the Fatah Party , but that the rival political party/ terrorist group in Gaza called Hamas is just as much in charge. They will do anything that Fatah asks as long as it’s what Hamas and it’s leaders want. This is not Republicans and Democrats. Hamas has a long history of murder, torture, and oppression of it’s own people including members of their rivals in Fatah.

Hamas came top power in 2007 after being elected (so much for the goal of spreading democracy) and promptly overthrew the ruling Fatah party in Gaza by force. When I say by force, what I mean is shooting Fatah members in the knee caps and throwing them off buildings. Members of Hamas took at least one member of Fatah, cut him into pieces and sent the pieces to his family.

For more details on how Hamas has ruled Gaza and made Fatah impotent click here.


To say that Abbas is in control is to suggest Siegfried & Roy are in charge of the tigers. He is in charge until the Tiger decides he’s not. Make no mistake, Abbas has no power over the rival Hamas party. He is at best an impotent puppet regime who rules with the constant threat of violence against he and his own people from Hamas.

Of all the things that Hamas and Fatah disagree on, there is one that they hold central; the decimation of Israel. The charter for Hamas, which is the equivalent of a business plan for a government/ organization specifically calls for wiping Israel off the face of the earth. A Quote from the Hamas Charter: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory). 

For years the Fatah Party charter held the exact same kind of language calling for the obliteration of the Israeli people. Although a recent revision of the Fatah Charter omits the destruction of the Israeli People, it still holds a very militant tone.

The problem with negotiating a peace treaty is that Israel wants peace, and Hamas wants Israel obliterated. That is what we call a good old fashioned impasse. How can Israel be expected to negotiate when the other party is controlled by a group of people bent on their destruction?

When Israel is chastised in the national press for not negotiating or for oppressing the Palestinian people, I can’t help but wonder why Hamas who murders their own people are not chastised? Are we really that naive to think that if Palestine gets to be a state that they will stop the human rights violations of their own people as well as Israeli people?

No matter your position on theology, this is madness. But since Carl brings up theology by asking “how would Jesus vote if He had a set at the UN?” I think it’s fair to offer my answer.

Jesus loves Palestinian people and He loves Jewish people and He loves all of us people. If He had a seat at the UN Council I suggest he would not turn over the Palestinian people that He loves to a rogue terrorist organization that murders their own people, murders Christians, and are bent on the genocide of a people group by any means possible.

Jesus is just not that naive.